Old Billingsgate

We're off to the Event Awards!

The road to the Event Awards

If you follow Grazing on Twitter or LinkedIn, you’ve probably already heard the news that we’re finalists for this year’s Event Awards Caterer of the Year. And you may well have picked up that we’re falling down on the “rather pleased with ourselves” side of things. But why all the big deal? Companies nominate themselves for, and win, awards all the time so who really cares? Well, I do for one.

Over the last decade, since I gave up my sensible day job as a consultant to follow my passion for serving up cracking food to make people smile, there’s been plenty of opportunities to enter Grazing Events for this or that award. But every time this has been suggested in the past, we’ve carefully considered the idea before knocking it back, on the basis we just weren’t ready. Whislt I’m sure we could have entered various awards in years gone by, and possibly even done well in some of them, I couldn’t help thinking that us entering an award in order to raise our profile and get some good PR and marketing coverage, wasn’t really in the spirit of them. Now, I’m not naive enough to believe that a large proportion of companies that enter awards, quite possibly the vast majority, do so in order to benefit from the great marketing and PR boost that winning achieves. Similarly, I won’t lie and pretend that we don’t intend to shout from the roof tops if we win this award and frankly (as this post quite clearly testifies) we’re going to do a bit of yelling about it before we even get to the big awards night. But the reason I’m so excited that Grazing Events has made it to the finals of this year’s award, is because I’ve always said that we would only ever enter awards when I think we’re ready to be a deserving winner. And this year, we were absolutely ready. 

Our being shortlisted for the final of this award is recognition of the hard work and achievements of the last 10 years. It’s pretty safe to say that the very first event we put on after starting Grazing as a humble café in the City, was somewhat more basic than the ones we put on now and whilst our clients had a thoroughly nice time, it was hardly an award winning event. 

Check it out....... that’s a younger, thinner, me on the left, my cousin the in the middle and my best mate from uni on the right (working for free!). That was us in July 2007, providing a slightly burnt hog roast for the team at Innocent Drinks in the garden of their West London offices.

Skip forward 10 years and here’s us putting the finishing touches to a dinner for 500 at Old Billingsgate.

I’m not going to pretend that going from preparing humble hog roasts to putting on gala dinners was a piece of cake, because it wasn’t. It’s taken 10 years, a fair number of mistakes along the way and a ton of effort to get there but what an awesome journey it's been. The feedback we’ve had, the wow moments we’ve created, the amazing team we’ve built and the fun we’ve had, have all made it the most amazing journey we could have gone on. That’s just been the first 10 years so who knows what’s heading our way in the coming years but one thing's for sure, we’re going to continue to put on events that delight our customers at every opportunity. And if we pick up an award or two, as a bit of recognition for what the whole team at Grazing works tirelessly to achieve, then we’ll be sure to celebrate in style…..or maybe we’ll just have ourselves a good old hog roast.

Published on by Sam Hurst