Lovely words from our lovely clients


It's been a lovely week for kind words from our lovely customers so we feel it's time for a few well deserved high fives and a bit of trumpet blowing.  Great work Team's official! 


So here's last week's top 3 testimonials we received by email:


Grazing High Five no.1

"I just have to say a huge thank you for your amazing food and service today and in the run 
up to this event. I am so grateful to you both. To have Rob's  help today was a fantastic 
bonus and extremely generous of you.
The food was perfect and the waiting staff too.
Please thank everyone involved.
Thank you!"



Grazing High Five no.2

"Many thanks for all your hard work in bringing our client event to life! Last night was the biggest and best event we have ever hosted in London in the last 10 years! I have received many kudos already today from the firm's CEO and President, who came over from the US, as well as the UK leadership. The food was amazing -

The space looked great too! Your advice throughout was fantastic. I am so thrilled to have found Grazing, and look forward to working with you on many more events."


Grazing High Five no.3

"Just wanted to share some feedback with you regarding this order.
As I walked into the room with the trolley, the client’s eyes lit up.. clearly they were ready 
for lunch but at that point were just mesmerized by the visuals. 
Later I overheard them say to the hosting attorney “the lunch was perfect!”
And when I entered the room to clear, each and everyone said “thank you! It was delicious! 
So good!”
The hummus bowl was polished. If I didn’t know better, I’d suspect someone licked it. 
All pitta bread gone. The wraps went down a treat. And the wild basmati rice salad with 
cauliflower and broccoli is THE best. 
I was fortunate enough to sample some of the leftovers and wholeheartedly agree: 
Grazing rocks!"
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