Immersive staff event

Getting the most from your Product Launch

Everyone wants their product to stand out from the crowd but letting potential reviewers and buyers see and interact with it isn’t enough. You need to immerse them completely in the entire concept of production. Your brand ethos needs to shine through. Are you quirky and fun, innovative? Then you need a venue that fits your product. If the design is ground breaking then have your launch party at the museum of design, if you’re the next big thing in the hipster world, then only a cool and funky venue in Shoreditch will do.

Using local suppliers is another great way to show that you care about the communities you’re selling in. Hand crafted beer or small batch gin for the cocktails. Incorporate the themes into the menus. We recently created a menu inspired by Bermondsey restaurants and Borough Market traders for an event at the Shard. Remember, exposure works both ways, so choose themes that complement your brand.


Published on by Adam