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Feb's 5 Top Event Planning Tips

5 Top Tips for Smashing It In 2017!

Tip #1 - If the mountain won't come to Muhammad....

London's full of awesome event venues and we love working in these great spaces. But why not let us bring the party to you and host your next event in your very own offices?! We're experts when it comes to transforming offices into uber-cool event spaces and as well as saving a few £££ on venue hire, just think how much easier it'll be for all of your team to get there on time!

We'll bring the whole kit and caboodle from chefs and their ovens to bartenders and their bars, florists and their flowers and DJs with their decks. Whatever you need to throw your next client or team bash in the office, we've got your back.

Click here to checkout some pics from some of our recent office events

Tip #2 - get the money bit out of the way right away! 

Here at Grazing Events, we're great believers in doing things properly or not doing them at all.  Which is why we only do events where we can deliver our signature WOWs to delight you and your guests. And whilst wowing people doesn't need to break the bank, let's face it, you're also not going to be able to throw an event worth throwing on a shoestring of a budget!  So if you're not sure how much bang you'll get for your buck or haven't got a clue how much to budget for your next event, check out our online cost calculator for an instant guide price. 

Tip #3 - you could be the most popular person in the WHOLE office. Fact.

Thanks to sitting a desk space away from our pals at Grazing Delivered we've managed to convince them to send our fave event clients a little breakfast treat for the morning after the night before. Book up an event with us before the end of Feb and we'll send your entire team a batch of bacon rolls and breakfast pastries to perk them up, the morning after your bash. Click here to start planning your next event with us and claim your FREE office breakfast.

Tip #4 - make an emotional connection with your guests....

OK so here's one for all you foodies and budding psychologists! According to some very clever science people, a fatty acid called docosahexaenoic acid, commonly found in fish and shellfish, can make us happy. So why not make sure there's some of our lip-smacking lobster donuts or smoked salmon lasagna canapés on the menu at your next do and you'll be scientifically proven* to make your guests happy.

*Failing that, we find alcohol has a similar effect and we've plenty of awesome cocktails and booze to choose from too!   

Tip #5 - Chillax! 

Events, great food, cracking wine and all those good things are meant to be enjoyed and not stressed over.  We know event planning can be stressful sometimes, particularly with the boss breathing down your neck to make sure it all goes to plan and dazzles your clients. But don't freak out, don't sweat it, don't flap around like a man person, just get a pro on the case! You might not organise events day-in-day-out and the thought of putting on a do to dazzle may fill you with fear but that's precisely our point. Here at Grazing Events, events are our bag, our bread and butter, our whole blooming raison d'être. So let us take the strain and make you look freaking awesome, whilst remaining completely calm and stress free about your next event. Go on, give us a call - you know you want to! 
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