BBQ & Summer Parties

Grazing summer parties and the patron saint of BBQ

It’s been a long, cold, lonely winter, and it feels like years since our pasty legs last had a glimpse of the sun and our BBQ bulged under the weight of some giant chops! But fret no more, because ‘here comes the BBQ’. Oh, and the sun! Yes, here comes that too.


We’ve been busy perfecting our summer BBQ menus, but before we go into the sizzling, mouthwatering, eye-popping, gullet-goading details, here’s a little story about the Patron Saint of Barbecue.


That’s right, your favourite summertime form of meat-grilling quite rightly has its own patron saint - St Lawrence. Lawrence was a big dog in Rome in 257 AD, appointed by the Pope at the time to look after the Church’s finances. Unluckily for him, the Roman emperor Valerian decided to purge the city of holy types a year later, and sentenced poor Lawrence to death. And not an ordinary death either.


Lawrence was tied to a metal grill and burned to death over a roaring fire. Barbecued if you like. Legend has it that Lawrence uttered the immortal words after a few minutes on the grill: “Turn me over, I’m done on this side!”


While we can’t vouch for the historical accuracy of this story (it did happen a long time ago after all), it’s still only right for us to do our part in remembering this most important of saints. And do our part we shall, by providing sumptuous catering for summer parties and BBQs.


Sizzling rump steak burgers in sesame seed brioche buns? Check. Caribbean spiced pork chops with Calypso mayo? Uh huh. Harissa spiced tiger prawns? That’s happening. Grilled halloumi & piquillo peppers, roasted summer squash salad, the great Grazing egg and bacon salad? All there. These carefully crafted dishes are all ready to make your party one to remember (depending on how much drinking in the sun occurs!).


Summer is the most exciting season in the event catering business, and here at Grazing HQ we can’t wait to get going. Our menus have been carefully put together to cater for the discerning tastes of the British BBQ lover and we are ready to look after all your event needs. Booze is provided too!


We can even sort out the venue or marquee hire for you, so you can spend more time guzzling drinks and scoffing delicious BBQ delights in the sun. Eat, drink, and remember the sun-tan lotion.



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