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Budgeting for your event

Let's talk money! 

If we had a pound every time someone asked us for a "ballpark" quote at a moment's notice, we'd have hung up our chefs jackets and retired to somewhere sunny a long time ago. Sadly, however, it doesn't rain down pound coins on us every time we're asked this question.  


And whilst planning bespoke events isn't like doing the weekly shop, we get the idea that if you went to Tesco and there wasn't a single price on the shelf, it'd be a pretty confusing way to shop! Soooo how's this for a solution.....whilst we'll always prepare a bespoke event proposal to fit your brief, we've also prepared a handy little Guide Price Guide for all those instant ballpark quotes required and to help with your budgeting.


Needless to say, these prices are far from set in stone and each event will be priced individually to meet your needs but we hope our handy little guide is, well a little handy! 


Click here to download your very own copy of our event Guide Price Guide! 

Published on by Grazing